Aerodrom Maribor, in accordance with its goals and mission, together with its subsidiary company InComeAM Ltd., is dedicated also in the segment of promotion for local and regional tourist offer. With a purpose of achieving a proactive approach in common promotion on foreign markets which are related to Maribor Airport airlines, as a regional coordinator, we are establishing foundations for long-term implementation of more advanced infrastructure which is crucial for the tourism and transport segment.

  • As a subsidiary company ofAerodrom Maribor , InComeAM provides favorable offers for air transport. Furthermore, it provides assistance to the passengers at their arrival and departure.
  • InComeAM takes care of passengers from the moment of their arrival at the airport. With a high level of professionalism we make sure that every passenger is assured to reach their destination in the shortest time possible. As a central coordinator of the integrated tourism offer, we never lose sight of the passengers until they are safely accommodated on the plane on their way home.

  • With the purpose of achieving the highest volume of passengers on Maribor Airport, it is in our interest also to reach the maximum demand for local and regional tourism facilities, which can be accessed from tourists from more distant places through air transport. For this reason, we focus on promoting tourism services providers and coordinate ground and air transport activities.

The internet portal is a tool that is intended primarily for those who want to obtain all the information regarding the tourist offer of the region in one place and additionally create attractive experiences based on the taste of their targeted customers. It offers the possibility of integrating local tourist services providers also by their location and thus allowing them to obtain a clear overview of a certain area of the region.